Pollux and the symphony of the twins - ALESSIO TANO

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nice Song

nice song that makes the listener dreaming and wanting to hear more , keep it up the good work and i am looking forward for the next invitation , hope its soon !! i like the style of your music and the kind you create your songs . If you want to connect in other social medias please feel free to write me anyway and/or invite me as follower/friendship , kind regards, Peter Lang - der Sampleschlosser

Good work

Too long introduction, good harmonic construction of the central part of the song. The harmonic changes used in the central part of the song could also be used in the initial part. Good work!

Italy, Forlì


If you can imagine taking all the good parts of, let's say, Can's "Future Days", Jean Michel Jarre's "Oxygene", and throw in a little Kraftwerk, then you'll find somerthing approximating but not quite defining this wonderful instrumental piece. At almost eleven minutes long, it was a daunting prospect to listen to, but the time passed so quickly. The music is mesmeric and immersive and something I would heartily recommend, would listen to again, and definitely want to hear more by this artist. An excellent track.

United Kingdom, Sheffield


Here’s a great ambient track from Alex-T, Italy. Beautiful soundscapes, nice classical synth sounds layers, even a guitar. All sounds evolving slowly to a rythmic song. The whole thing reminds us of Tangerine dream albums and other bands from the 70-80’s but in a good way. The end of the track is musically interesting with solos that takes us to a different level. The solos are nice, nice especially with the organ and piano-like sound.

United States, California, Caen


I really nice classical ambient song very clear well put together I love the sound background music thank you for your allowing you to review your song. continue to make great music never stop being creative to go to the next level and keep on sharing your gifts and talents with the world. Hope all is well have a wonderful day and God bless you I don't enjoy your weekend keep in touch and once again thank you God bless..

United States, California, Every Where


A relaxed atmosphere, a deep trip among the stars! definitely an enjoyable work, electronic but at the same time organic and mature, the Producer Alex T takes you on a journey with a great flow, the developing melody and the structure somehow recalls a Bolero, with tasty swirling of the keyboard solo, creating images that you can see and touch. Not the ordinary structure you are used to hear in an electronic ''dance'' track, but that gives a plus to the story. It has a musical value that goes far beyond, the main texture under keeps the rhythm pleasurable, while the solos launch some incredible cinematic developing that makes it flippy and trippy, sometimes tribal, sometimes symphonic, to resume it has all that it takes to make the listener feel comfortable lying on a sofa, but at the same time it can be fit to open or close an electronic session, or as a drone to give deepness to a set, creating intriguing moments, smooth perspectives, nodding to various nuances that reveal the huge musical background of the composer, from Funky Disco to Lounge Chill Out and electronics. What more to say but one cannot help loving this track!


Agreat release!

Great sound at the fundamental frequencies. Elegant and sober. Envelope Touching the new age. The guitar arrangements are great and do not touch other tracks. The synthesizers are very well worked playing with oriental touches. Very Jean Michel Jarre. Ideal for a summer chillout.

Spain, Barcelona

"Pollux and the Symphony of the Twins" is forever!

When I heard "Pollux and the Symphony of the Twins," I was delighted with the singleness and beauty of this wonderful song. So I thought: 'Wow! Why did not I hear and know Alex-T's songs before?' "Pollux and the Symphony of the Twins" is a really soft, delicate and wonderful Ambient song! Yes, the magic of forests is present.

Germany, Magick Forest


Bonjour, musique très douce et très agréable au réveil. J'aime beaucoup l'écouter , musique assez spatial qui fait tout de même voyager, j'imagine qu'en relaxation elle doit être très adapté, musique avec une touche légèrement asiatique.

France, Ales

Fantastic and experimental

In the beginning, the sounds fantastic, ethereal and experimental. The ambient is mysterious and relaxing at the same time. The piano begins to sound with a sweet melody and it gets a perfect harmony whit the rest of elements. I like this psychedelic sounds. Very, very good job


I was thinking I be able to enjoy It but I do not hear anything special..but it is a good try.. is not important what I think..Most Important is What Music Insiders will say..and what You will do with It... Film Studios got Staff Composers and They do not take much from outside..Not to many Radio Stations are playing Music like that.. so more less You have to come up with something MUCH BETTER in order to do something with It... I wish You good luck.. Good Job..

United States, California, Los Angeles


Lots of space on this one, not very keen on the flute/pan pipes, but like the build up. Bass line gently pulses away in the background, keys play over this to give a little melody. I like it but would produce and edit it differently.

United Kingdom, London


REALLY take out the beginning app. 1 min..TRUST Me.. I almost TURN It OFF...No Publisher ar Radio will take that much time to listen ( You have ONLY 20 sec to "catch Theirs Ears ).later is much better but... I'm not sure what You are trying to accomplish..It is to long for a Radio Play and it will be Very Hard to "pitch" It to some movie studio..They have a staff Composers and Computer Operators.. so in order to send Them ..You must have something MUCH Better..

United States, California, Los Angeles

From the future to the past.

An atmospheric ambience with a cinematic vibe. Synth pads mixed with gentle but cool guitar chords, organ sounds reminding of some of the musical vibes of the 70´s and 80´s. A very synthy vibe.

Portugal, Oporto

Pollux and the symphony of the twins

This electronic track is interesting by the evolution. This the kind of electro I like. It's call you to a trip. The theme is a little bit complex but doesn't go to the jazz. It sounds pop, accessible but has a consistence with a nice harmonny.I will listen your other tracks for sure!

France, Rennes

Barron & Jarre Mash-up

Buzzy experimental musical elements begin this Bebe & Louis Barron inspired introduction that evolves into a rich pad-based composition. The track's richness expands with added jazz themes that continue to evolve as its progresses and a Jean Michael Jarre arpeggio is introduced. This new theme brings in oriental melodies that complement the arpeggiated sub-theme. The mix is even and the frequency spectrum is well filled and utilized. The arrangement also contains several variations that keep the listeners attention throughout.

United States, Texas, DFW

A very good work.

Hello! Here is an original music! The use of synthesizers I like very much: there is a nice atmosphere, the tablecloths of "strings" bring softness to this composition. The harmonies are varied, well chosen. The worked sounds differ well and are pleasantly worked with the filters. This composition implies variations of themes, which avoid repetition, and possibly boredom in the listener. Very good work Bravo!

France, Saint-clément-des-levées

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