Alan Rondeau
United Kingdom, BRACKLEY

About Alan Rondeau

Born in the Nelson Hospital, (which is sadly no longer there) Wimbledon (which is still there) had a great childhood, fabulous parents, and four wonderful siblings who joined us along the way.

Really enjoyed playing football, until music and girls came along at around the age of 15/16.

Introduced to lot`s of wonderful music (by Aunts Jen & Barb) and have never looked back.​

Loved singing, but could not work out how to play the guitar parts to popular songs, so wrote my own songs..!

(It would be true to say that music is my world and takes up a lot of my thinking time..!)

Past bands that I have been a part of include,

(Danser, Yellow Snow, Quebec, The Cavalry, The Trick, Pick Up Sticks)

Current bands, Palmerston & Broken Stairs.

My song writing covers all aspects of life from, love and lust, to drink and death..!

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