God Will Always Be There
AJohn Baker

God Will Always Be There

AJohn Baker

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Dieu sera toujours la

Cette chansons m'a beaucoup ému c est très vrai de vie on pourrais memme orchestrée avec des violons c,est un thème qui touche la plupart d,entre nous ,on Est vraiment connecté avec le sujet de la chansons les accords son vraiment en equilbre avec cette histoire je la conseiile vraiment de l écouter ,beau titre


I like the song is spiritual and tranquil the melody sets it off God is always there for us even in good times and bad the concept is good and layback very good music keep up good work may God bless your music continuously

United States, Minnesota, Saint Paul

Pure and intimate

Very pure and intimate - just a man and his guitar. The main riff consists of two open chords, I think Cmaj7 and F6 or so. This combination creates an open atmosphere in my ears, and it makes you think "up". Up means in this context God, and this fits perfectly to the lyrics. I hope your friend appreciated the song and that it helped him to overcome all those sad and bad days and feelings that go with any sort of divorce or distraction.

Germany, Schweinfurt

Song of reassurance

A song of reassurance when your down and very depressed, very lifting, some pretty nice guitar picking, layed back and very relaxing music. No additional accompanyment just gentle accoustic and vocal good performance all round folky tune.

United Kingdom, Huddersfield

My thoughts on "God Will Always Be There"...

To begin with, the title: God will always be there - is as good as it gets! Before the song even starts - the message is clear and powerful... The music is simple, and the acoustic guitar works fine for this song of comfort. I do think some light strings behind the guitar/vocals would add to the overall effect. I think the lyrics are wonderful, and your vocals are very good. I do think having a lady's voice on the chorus line harmonizing with you would be an added plus to this song. A little harmonica or soft picking on the end of some of the verses your singing would be the frosting on the cake. As the song stands, it's good - but with a little touch here and there - this song could go up several notches... I think writing a song for a friend who is depressed or going through a tough time is a noble gesture!! Thank you for sharing your heartfelt song with us. Blessings to you/Michael D'Aigle

United States, Michigan, Flushing

Nice Acoustic Guiitar Playing

Sounds like a demo of the song. Encouraging lyrics. Might be helpful to find a way to use more representative lyrics for some of the lyrical ideas i.e. "the race is on and here comes pride at the backstretch" rather than "my pride is hurt because you left me" or "you are the wind beneath my wings" rather than "you inspire me to do better in life". More instrumentation might be helpful. The Chorus could use more emphasis to bring it to the forefront - perhaps layered vocals would make it a stronger, stand-out Chorus.

United States, Arizona, Phoenix

'God Will Always Be There' by AJohn Baker

This is a nice simple song with a simple truth that we all need reminding of at times. While going through hard times we get caught up in the problem and sometimes take our eyes off the solution that was there all the time. In this basic guitar and vocal demo we are able to listen closely to the message of the song with out the distraction that a full production provides can at times provide . In this demo there are 4 verses followed by 4 choruses. It would have been acceptable to have added a bridge before the last verse to accentuate the theme with a slight twist both melodically and lyrically then tie it all together with the last verse and chorus. Like it is, it'sa very nice song with heart-felt lyrics. Good job! Keep them coming!

United States, Kentucky, West Paducah

Passionate Song Of Hope

This is the song that you need when you feel you need hope. Or when times get difficult. A John Baker sings with conviction and confidence. The vocals are apparently self produced which could be improved upon by working with a top music producer to get the details tighter. But as it is, the melody and storytelling are both nice. I look forward to hearing more from this talented artist.

United States, California, Studio City


Greetings good music and lyrics is a blessing to make music with meaning and purpose I encourage you to continue working for God knowing that work for him is not in vain and we will have our reward hug greetings from Venezuela

Venezuela, Barinas

God will Akways Be there

Good guitar overall. Really like the chord change in the prechorus. Nice story. I hear some percussion and maybe a nice steady drumbeat. Your title is great and i think it needs a little more vocal ...maybe sonw harmony. Good luck

United States, Illinois, Maywood

about your song

Yes this is a top song exserlent perfect awesome music lyrics and amazingly sung freind remember you got a telent from GOD follow that dream where-ever the lord may lead it i think you deserve num 1 position you did a exserlent job with the song and i hurd about the devorse i am sorry about that and true GOD will always be there i do not like how satan corses devorses lets pray that satan be defeated for our childrens future that when they marry no one will seperate what GOD has joined i myself had a few ladies was married one time and know what it feels like to be devorsed i supost to have a daughter but i do not think it is my child yet i count her as one of my child because i count all children as the aldults should be older like perents to look out for them let pray that marrege be taken seriously with no devorse in the future for our young ones praying JESUS CHRIST HELPS


Very Nice and Unique Sound!

Your song has a very good and needed message for your friend going through the divorce. I am sure that your friend was greatly ministered to by the very calming, encouraging and positive words in your song, You have a very unique sound to your music. The guitar is very soothing and your song has a calming effect. Keep up the good work! God Bess You as you continue to minister to others through your unique style of Christian Music.

United States, Louisiana, Morgan City

What has God Given you ?

This song has a good message in it and many not just your friend needs to it. I do feel the recording quality could have been a little better but you asked for the review so I am giving it to you with Honesty and will say this keep going for the Lord.

United States, Georgia, Chatsworth

God will always be there

Wonderful song, enjoyed listening. May the Lord Bless your music and your life as you continue down your path. Keep writing from the heart and keep God first in everything you do. God Bless You

United States, Kentucky, Harrodsburg

Beautiful song


Really beautiful guitar song, and lyrics. You are doing a great job. Keep up the great work. Be sure to check out the other songs of his, because they are beautiful as well. Great messages, and great songs!

United States, Vermont, BURLINGTON

God's Love Keeps Us

Thank you for this song AJ. Nice to resonate with this message. God's word calling and His Love is Shining Through. Are we listening to His Still Small Voice. He is always ready to show us the way. Thanks for the reminder that Jesus Died so He could send us HIs Father in The Presence of The Holy Spirit. I love the quiet timbre of your voice, very unique phrasing and effortless vocal. The acoustic guitar is perfect for this song so that the listener can catch hold of your words and eat them and keep them in the centre of the mind and heart. Please keep writing! Your words are salt and light to us all. God Bless you and establish and confirm your work as was promised in Psalm 90:17....

United Kingdom, WALES

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