Prepare yourself

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Prepare yourself

I took a moment this morning to take a listen to your song and I thought I could share some thoughts with you about it. I really like the rawness about, it kind of reminds me of a Neil Young style. I think if you keep moving in that direction you will be very successful. God bless and good luck with your work. Mike

United States, New Jersey, Mount Laurel

God Bless

I love the lyrics! Prepare yourself for the coming of the king. Yes He is the king.. I also like the music. I'd love to record a song with an acoustic guitar. Keep pressing forward. God bless you

United States, North Carolina, Jackson Hamlet

Reviewed your song

hey thanks for recommending me to review your song, i will check out the others you've posted loved this, very nice playing, nice lyrics and vocals! 12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031323334353637383940414243444546474849505152535455565758

United States, New York, Whitehall

Nice melody

Nice melody and good lyrics. A couple of suggestions you need to record it in a studio and I think it might be better with a female voice and maybe wit yourself doing the backing vocals. Just my thoughts but hope that helps.

Australia, Brisbane

Nice Acoustic Intro

Cool folk vibe. Clearing your throat on the recording isn't advisable unless it's live and there are no alternatives - even then, you could edit the throat clearing sounds out. 12 string is nice. Some of the guitar parts are a bit choppy, would help to record the guitar first with a metronome/click & sing to that afterwards, helps you get a nice, smooth, clean sound. Consider additional instruments. Nice ending, not going to the tonic is a cool way to keep that unresolved feeling. Good song.

United States, Arizona, Phoenix

Great Song

A Jon Barker is a really gifted artist. He has a really unique voice that is a pleasure to listen to. The song Prepare Yourself is a well written song. It is easily to believe Baker that he believes in what he is singing and that is a true character of a great artist. I look forward to listening to more of his music in the future.

Australia, Hobart

about prepare yourself

i think your song is fantaastic perfect singing perfect music perfect song i think this song in my opinion can reach number 1 on the charts but many songs and artist can do he same these days i myself have hurd many songs totay all number 1 ye the commpetition is out there but that is the good news as JESUUS CHRIST uses us to reach out and the fun behind it remember those in JESUS CHRIST like yourself are perfect talentant because of GOD who inspires us teaches us so on remember to follow your dream where-ever the lord may lead it ok GOD BLESS YOU YOUR FAMILY FREINDS AND EVERYONE yes i think your song is manificiant perfect so i gave it top rating ok thank you for the song


Thoughts on Prepare Yourself...

First, let me say I love the title: Prepare Yourself! The arrangement is very nice, and your lyrics are simple yet very meaningful and thoughtful to consider... The chord structure is flowing and sweet to the ears. The guitar as the only instrument is okay, but actually this song would be more powerful if it had some instruments complimenting the guitar. A little organ or soft string section would add some depth to your song, and perhaps a little guitar riffs on the edge of some of your lyrics being sung would add flavor as well. Keeping this song bare bones and simple works well, but just a little more instrumentation would build your song up as it moves a long... The message is powerful, and anointed for this time! I love your heart singing this song, and thank you for sharing it with me and others. I'm a fan of yours for sure. Michael D'Aigle p.s. I little soft harmonica in the background would be sweet.

United States, Michigan, Flushing

Prince Of Peace

It is my humble opinion that all music is in someway a ministry in one way or another. AJohn has brought forth a beautiful song that is a heartfelt vision of the ministry of Christ. This is a song that is a powerful Christian testimony without being pushy or preachy, two aspects of much gospel and or christian music that is likely to alienate half of a listening audiences within one minute. So, whats the use of singing about Jesus to nobody? We are called to be witnesses, this song is a perfect example of the right way to do it. AJohn has written a peaceful song for the prince of peace. The guitar work is as compelling as the early work of James Taylor. The voice is calm and undisturbing. For those of you who have not yet heard AJohn Baker, I say to you ... Prepare Yourself ... for a wonderful surprise ... //oo\\

United States, Michigan, Dearborn

Review of Prepare Yourself by AJohn Baker

Positives: A sincere effort! The lyrics are certainly meaningful, and draw you into the deeper meaning. The vocalist has a very unique sound and style, and holds your attention well. I though it was overall a good song. Negatives: A little sloppy with both the guitar and the vocal. Perhaps a little more effort with the recording could produce a cleaner finished product. The instrumental parts near the end seemed somewhat empty, and could maybe be eliminated or shortened. Again a sincere effort and I would encourage the writer to keep at it!

United States, Tennessee, Chattanooga

Prepare Yourself

Only thing I hear is maybe a few more instruments to build the song and singer up more. But good singing and music. Maybe you don't have a band to help put it together. I was like that so I got a keyboard with all on it. It does the job. Be blessed

United States, Georgia, Columbus


Greetings good music and lyrics is a blessing to make music with meaning and purpose I encourage you to continue working for God knowing that work for him is not in vain and we will have our reward hug greetings from Venezuela

Venezuela, Barinas

Beautiful message!

This song is very inspiring and very anointed! Thank you for sharing the message of salvation through Jesus Christ, in your song. Jesus Christ is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! Your guitar is the perfect instrument for this song. Keep on sharing the love of Jesus through your inspiring music! God Bless You!

United States, Louisiana, Morgan City

Prepare Yourself,... For He Is The King

Hello A.J. from your Sister in Faith from Ohio, now living in Wales, U.K. First I would like to say your Acoustic guitar is very good and flows well with the song lyrics and sets the mood. I am glad you play so softly so we can hear the words of faith in the song. . I also love the lyrics which encourage devotion and a great personal witness of your faith. I only would suggest to you that you could re-master the song and re-do the vocal so that it is a bit stronger and louder. It seemed like you had a sore throat and you cleared your throat a few times during the recording. Also, to record in Wave format to see the difference although to date N1M does not accept this format yet. However, I find it enhances the sound better thatn Mp3 files.

United Kingdom, WALES


The lyrics are great, the vocals are a little hard to understand at the beginning. Doing vocal warm ups prior to recording would help. Midway in the song the vocals start to smooth out more. I do the same sometimes especially when allergy season starts, I reach for the allergy medicine to help :). Otherwise I would give a 5 star to the song.

United States, Texas, FORT WORTH

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