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I like the feel of this tune. At first I think the vocal has a Johny Cash feel. I think the recording can use a little work but it gets the point across well enough to get the feel of the song. I really like the do bro as well. Great job for a traditional country song .

Laid back in the mountains.

This traditional tune invokes memories of early 70's country. Jangly guitar and a singer centric lyric. My question is who is the singer singing this to? A past lover, the audience, himself? It's not clear from line to line. A co-writer would be helpful to update the melodies and clarify the point of view. Overall the song is a nice song for a writer that is still finding their voice. Keep at it and write every day and you'll get where you want to be.

Love Bluegrass.

The harmony was hit and miss. The vocals in general was in need of polishing. I did like it and it left me in a good mood. The music is just up my alley. I just think it needs some focus and work. Keep up the good work. Songwriting skills will develope as well.

Down Home

A touching country piece. The sincerely delivered vocals deliver the message, ably supported by the well balanced instrumentation, which clearly support rather than overwhelm the songs lyricsl message, very nice arrangement.

Very Nice!

I really enjoyed listening to this song, it definitely has the old country style that I really like, your voice kinda reminds me of the late Chet Atkins ,first chance I can I am going to listen to more of your stuff! Thank you

Rocky Mountain Home

Rocky Mountain Home wish one day I could be there. Ol'fashioned wash board country band with a story to rival most of the country songs of our days. Lovely crooners these vocalists. A sad song of love found and lost for a time who knows when to be returned. Lovely lyrics with a soulful vocal and great imagery that listeners will find they too can resonate.

Une douceur country

Aesculap Company nous offre ici une jolie balade country acoustique dans la plus pure tradition. Bien enregistrée et bien arrangée presque comme un exercice de style. On se prend à rever et à voyager^auprès de ces montagne. Peut être aurait il fallu une petite impor d'un des musiciens, un break,pour que cela soit parfait et creer un peu la surprisie

Perfect Traditional Country

I love this song and the feeling it gives me. As I listen, I reach back to something deep and American - a heritage of simple people who deeply feel the love of home. This is a passionate homespun creation presented with appropriate vocals and accompaniment: pure Traditional Country. This is a romantic country two-step with slide guitar and a nice easy beat perfect for the dance floor. The Singer accomplishes the slide up as he sings: “Soon I will return” in perfect tune. I send him my thanks. It is effective to do a melodic slide up in this way as that is a songcrafter’s way of signifying something happy - up-lifting. There is a sense of longing and joy to return home to the mountains of Colorado. The feeling and a vision of home is painted by the lyrics, but more by the music. The band that presents this sweet song is international. Can it be that our American heritage will be preserved and given back to us by those who do not live here? This certainly is a song from my roots.

Wonderful Country-Ballad

The lyrics tells us from the homeside in the Rocky Mountains and the brave people over there. Another thing is the personal message to the beloved. It comes from the heart and touches soul. The wonderful played acoustic guitar carries this wonderful composition. The singer has a lovely voice and soft vocal projection. The drummer plays a soft and straight snare-sound, what fits very good to this very nice country-ballad. Ron Allen wrote the song and Steve Asplund arranged the music. They produced together some singles and also the Album "Vienna Meets Portland". So again another great composition of the Band "Asculap Company". Overall a beautiful arrangement of modern country music. This song could be a radio hit and it´s an original. Listen to the song and I´m sure, you will like to add it. Let others know your recommendation.

Going back to the saddle

Picture yourself sitting out west on the plains with the moon shinning overhead and a kettle of beans cooking over an open fire. This song takes me back to that period of time when lonely cowboys roamed the range. The two guitar blend to enhance the singer's sad crooning.


I really like the song and the music this a unique song stay who you are I hope this been helpful for you and I would like to hear more of your music keep on going God bless you in all your endeavors

Rocky Mountain Home

Hi, I should begin by saying that I'm looking at this from a "commercial" point of view... which is to say.... can you market this song and perhaps get an established artist to cover it.... Nice melodic lines throughout the song... good shape and easy to listen to. Having said that....In my opinion the overall structure needs some work .... it tends to wander and loses listener focus. A standard song format structure might be... A (Verse) B (Pre chorus sec) C (Chorus) D (Bridge or release) ... two examples of a standard structures..... ABCABCDCC or ACACDCC.... This by no means is the only way to approach the structure of a song.. but are typical structures in terms of commercial viability..... Your lyrical content was heartfelt but again in my opinion.... lacked focus... I suggest you listening closely to some songs you really like and check out how they put the their words together... A good example for the genre that I would place your song in might be Anne Murray's version of Can I Have This Dance. Hope this helps in some way....Keep writing and Good Luck! RW

Good Mountain Song

Hi, I'm Manuel from Italy and I'm a John Denver Fans I appreciate the fact that in many of your songs Remember John and his musical style. Your song is very beautiful But she would need it as I see it A slight rhythm of sounds and more rhythmic rhythm cadence, to mean I would resume the Drums and the Bass completely. Very beautiful Hawaiian guitars that lead you to think of a relaxing trip. While the accompaniment guitar is Ok. Vocal melody is very addictive but needs to be singled out with more passion and review the pitch at certain points of the song. Obviously mine is a constructive critique. Very Good.

Rocky Baby rock

Out on the prairie, around the campfire, family and friends gather when darkness takes over, it goes towards night. That it were this song takes me in my mind while suddenly, I notice my 14 month old daughter's hand on my knee. She can stand now, walk and run, and she really listens like an adult to music. She swings back and forth where she stands and looks in the air, and continues to swing and listen. This is my review for this song. When the child is dancing, I know that the music is approved. Thumbs up to the musicians.


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