60's vibe

its nice, it reminds me of the kinks a bit. the guitar is good. the chprus are pretty catchy. it def has a kinks vibe though or early 60s songs. of that is the sound your gping for then it is a good attempt.

Not the End

Hi der Song passt wie Faust auf Auge in den Genre für den er sicherlich auch erschaffen wurde.Die Lyrics sind so das der Titel auch Sinn macht. Der Mix ist sauber und durchsichtig deswegen von mir auch 4 Sterne Lg.G.W.Scott Germany

Very catchy tune....

I love the old school feel of this song. Reminds me of some great groups of the 60's. Herman and the Hermits comes to mind. Love the melody as well as the music. Background vocals are on point too. This is a "toe tapper" and that is a very good thing!


It’s hard to write a review after one listen but I️ will try my best!! I️ personally enjoy the honest lyrics and the acoustic driven record. I’d be interested in listening to more stuff to hear other melodies so you have the intriguing appeal....keep on rocking

Top talent

Excellent musically very tight fresh and lively musicianship. Great song with excellent structure. My reservation would be that the singer though he has a good voice is a little to precise with his diction needs a little more southern style drawl, although I appreciate he might be singing in a second language, a bit more Willie Nelson style phrasing would really lift this. I bet the band are a great night out at a local tavern.

Positive Vibe Overcomes the Gloom

This is a song with an extremely enjoyable lyrical content, the message is positive, but the feeling are real, that of being stuck, in the everyday, sometimes it gets you down. Then the author turns it around, 'don't worry this is not the end.' A very nice piece of music, the harmonies and instrumentation, are beautifully positioned, to support the lyric and in fact, they add to the power of the lyrics by their precise placement and the level of the instruments. A fine piece of music, enjoyable, yet poignant!

...Not The End

Beautiful instrumental that complements this song about Yearning for Our Dreams to be Reality. A song that is a Daily Reminder of the blessing of being allowed to serve and be a blessing to others until it is our time to live our dreams. I like the folk rock sound of this musical genre. Your lyrics express for your listeners what is difficult to express in speech. The longing and yearning for life's Golden Moments to appear. There is word for this mood in your language, Please tell me the word in Austrian. Maybe you could write a song around that word also to express this feeling of "longing to be called on to greater things we know we were sent to accomplish."


Buena canción, muy bonita melodía, voz y coros. La instrumentación muy correcta sin abusos de ningún instrumento, todo bien medido y perfectamente medido. Me ha encantado todo en general de esta banda. Good song, very nice melody, voice and choirs. The correct instrumentation without abuse of any instrument, everything well measured and perfectly measured. I have loved everything in general from this band.

A no-thrill, well-penned song.

I like the style : it's cool, the lyrics are understandable (too simple, perhaps), the tune is good. Some may say it's classic Americana, ok but it works. Oh and I've always loved backing vocals, additional guitars -and they are cleverly woven into the song. Beware perhaps of too much repetition at the end, But the very last notes are an original way to finish the song, though. I also like the middle-eight (I find them really useful). Well, even if record companies are not interested, keep up the good work, ands tthanks for the music ! phil, france.

The class

I really like the song very unique and creative song well composed and well put together and thank you for sharing your craft with the world and at anytime I would like to hear more of your music have a blessed day God bless you.

A look into your life.

I think one of the reasons I enjoy listening to music is because it's sort of like a window into someones life. I really love your sound. Easy on the ears, you have a nice soothing voice that fits well in the song and the melody seems to direct my current action into that of a joyful one. Thanks for sharing this song mate, it was a good listen.

A everyman song

A song that deals with a topic everyone of us deal with in a calm reassuring hopeful way. What if I were to die today don't worry your still here. The music is fun to listen to, and the lyrics are clean and easy to understand and sing well. Great production clean and well mixed. All the part flow together. Overall a great solid effort

Not The End

Hello, There is improvement over the last song of yours that I reviewed. The structure works well... nice flow between sections..... the melody is easy to listening to and has tension and release... Nice job. The lyrics overall are improved but if it were me I would look at your "HooK" (which is nice BTW) and really see if everything you singing about leads to that main central idea.... Not The End. I feel there are better word choices available that would support your concept... Too many of the lyrics seem unfocused and more of a stream of consciousness to me... (You know what you mean but more importantly... does the listener?) If you have to explain anything you're singing about.. then the communication between the listener and you is interrupted ( as the listener wonders what you're talking about) and the song continues to move forward which breaks the focus of the listener.... One last point is the the melody of the "Hook" feels like a throw away... no real emphasis melodically to underscore the main point of the song. Again overall nice improvement... but in the end songwriting always comes down to the re-write which is how one hones the craft. Hope this helps and Keep Writing. RW

Mind Free

Beautiful catchy music that takes away thoughts from your mind. It makes you think of a car ride on a long road chatting with a friend. Very nice the arrangement of Hawaiian Guitars. Medium-difficult Voice technique but good harmony and melody. Fluid Song.

Not the end

I truly enjoyed listening to your song. I am a family man so I relate to the lyrics. The recording the arrangements the instruments the vocals are all in good harmony. Maybe we can do a song together let me know.
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