Kommst Du mit Mir (feat. Christoph Jablonka)

Adrian Bran

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Konstantinos Du mit mir


Dear Adrian, Please post the translation since I can only understand in part these words. That which I do comprehend is like a love song to one who is absent who you would give all you have in the world to see again in any case. The piano sonata is composed beautifully fitting to the longing of this poem. I am sure you would gain more fans globally in all genres if you posted the translation in English in the Lyrics section on the Song Track Edits. I love the words about how precious this beloved one is more than silver or gold, and the stars in the night sky. Your poem reminds me of a Sonnet from the Elizabethan era of Song and Poetry.

I might not understand the language, but the spirit of the message is PALPABLE


I love the poet's voice and their gentle flow. I wish I knew what he was saying. I like the way he uses his voice and breathing in his delivery. It's beautiful. Your music is an AMAZING foundation

South Africa, Johannesburg

Great landscape

I don't understand German language but your words are fitting to the tone of the art it feels very personal and precise. Wish I could understand it so I could review the context of the content

United States, Kansas, Wichita

Dramatic, Love and Suspense...!


I don't understand the words but the drama and suspense of the voice with the keys and tune is a perfect combo.. I almost felt like I understood a different Language..! Definite recommendation .. its rare to draw people in without them being able to relate to what you are saying but still somefow feel the suspense, the dramatic environment, and still feel as though love is being spoken about? I even thought maybe a spiritual conversation could have been taking place..? Well even though I may not know what tha song or conversation was in the words of the song I still appreciate the combination of all things and his voice was perfect in tone with the music.. ! I completed this because I simply love music, and theater

United States, Florida, GeTTo

bravo continua

bravo continua bravo continua bravo continua bravo continua bravo continua bravo continua bravo continua bravo continua bravo continua bravo continua bravo continua bravo continua bravo continua bravo continua

Italy, Bologna

A beautiful mystery


A beautiful and mysterious beginning. A wonderful deep voice that adds to that mystery. The voice is the main character in the case of poetry, and the music supports that voice wonderfully. The different instruments work well in the piece. Not too much and not too little. A bit of a crescendo in the middle and towards the end is also adding to the feel of the song. Just over three minutes is perfect to keep listeners entertained. Love it!

Canada, Alberta, Turin

cool song


Really good composition. Its a Song with a deep message behind, that touches something by the listener. Keep on doing you' re Kind of music, expression you want to. I wish you really all the best for the new beginning year - 2022- Stay healthy and happy as well! Hope you'll get in a creative process to create more songs, music can heal and gives us hope all over the planet! That is what I think about it. Hope you'll understand the mean conetent ?! Greets, Judith M, Germany

Germany, Schwerin



I like the originality of your work. Strong message and creativity is a big plus. Good production,i can hear some good vocals to this, good job on the final mix-down. I can tell you have your heart and soul into what you do. Keep on pushing and never give up or get distracted in pursuing the dream of making it. I like the instrumental blend of sounds with the vocals and the production on the track is good. Keep up the great work! Peace!!!

United States, South Carolina, Rock Hill

Very nice

Soothing, relaxing and tranquility. Thank you for sharing. All love. One love. Blessings to you and your tribe. Keep shining your light throughout the world. This day forward is glorious. :)Dr. Coach Kay

United States, Illinois, Chicago

Absolutely amazing

This was so impressive and need to be recognized as a master. I was so amazed at the performance and the style of music. I will be sharing this with my friends as I know they will enjoy it as much as I did. Thank you so much for uploading this song

United States, Arkansas, Mountain Home

Kommstdu mi


wow great voice talk and instrumental just a beautiful song love the muscianship......... ........this song has a really good synthesizer. lines I can hear this song over and over....................they the song was put together is very unique...................just love the way the piano and keyboards sound they are spot on they were played perfectly...............can't say enough about this song ......................I want to thank you for letting me review your amazing song thsnk you.......... This is steve from voodoo dancer and thank you again.....................

United States, New York, Middle village

Really enjoyed your poetry

Love it keep up the good work. I will definitely be checking you out for more hits.The music is so beautiful. And your voice soothing lure me in to want to hear more.Keelp me posted on your new work.

United States, Illinois, Chicago

Very nice!


Hello Adrian, this is beautiful! Unfortunatelly I don't speak German at all and I don't understand what the poem is saying, but I love the way it's acted and the sound of the language becomes music itself. The music it's perfect because it does not distract from the poem. I know it's not the same thing AT ALL (I've done it with my songs from Italian to English), but maybe you can consider to add an English translation so that people can understand the meaning of your poems :) Greetings from Italy



Kommst Du mit Mir is a deeply moving poem with music that enhances the words. The piano has an intense and yet delicate and poignant sensitivity that enhances the lyrics. Adrian's work is worthy of listening and allowing it to permeate your soul. As a poetry/spoken word artist I also use music and sound effects to take my work further into the realms of a song. I am sure this will be one of many poems that Adrian produces and well worth watching out for more! Cassandra Swan

United Kingdom

German Poem


I don't speak German, but I can pick up some of the meaning. The piano starts off with straight 8th notes and some traditional chords. It seems to echo the positivity and buoyancy of the poem. There is a lightness and energy to the recording, a forward momentum that simulates growth, and impending completion. It definitely feels uplifting, and a weight being raised up. It would be helpful to have an English translation witih this.

Australia, Marayong

Song review


Hi, thanks for sending the link to this song. Nice piece of music, personally, think the track could build more, so starts off and builds up to a bit of a gripping climax, would kind of suit a tv show, as the cliff hagng episode comes to an end. I enjoyed the fact that the lyrcis were spoken, I know wabout 10 words of german and have no idea what the lyrics are, or what the song is about, but that doesnt matter at all. It kind of adds some mystery to the track. Could kind of see this fitting in to a TV show, probably a psychological thriller series. Anyway, keep o going, and keep up the good work. Derek

Finland, Vantaa



Guys please support my homie his good on his music u will never regret so please support him and u shall be also supported thank you for your support and time may God bless you and your family

South Africa, Giyani

German spoken word


Nuremberg, Germany’s Adrian Bran has created a captivating setting for spoken word entitled Kommst Du mit Mir featuring Christoph Jablonka. The piano sets a nice backdrop for the spoken poetry.

United States, Washington, Seattle

dein Song


Hallo dort Adrian, danke sehr dass du dein Song für review geschickt hast. Ich liebe es dieser Art von Musik, viel Drama und viel Emotionen auch, der Stimme ist Fantastisch, es klingt sehr gut, den Text, also, die Worten sind sehr schön, den Piano in der Hintergrund ist sehr gut, sehr schöne Melodien, den Song kling echt sehr gut auch, alle Details klar zu hören ohne Probleme, ich wünsche dir weiter viel Erfolg Adrian, "keep it up" liebe grüße aus Münster, NRW, Alfredo von King Mambo

Germany, Muenster

Kommst Du mit Mir (feat. Christoph Jablonka


Very inspirational song. Even though I don't understand or speak German I liked the man's voice. I felt he was telling me not to give up and to put my trust in him and God. I really liked this song Adrian, keep up the composing and writing new songs. For me I get inspiration from musicians and poets as well. It can inspire us to come up with a new song. Often times we lack motivation because of a mental condition I call Crazy Man Syndrome but it comes and goes. Stay safe in Germany my friend and God Bless You Adrian. Eric Krieger - JC And The Sunshine Band.

United States, California, Sacramento

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