Dance with the Girl from the Stars

Adrian Bran

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Christo's Review


This is a real bijou -very beautiful musical piece, with nice impovisatory atmosphere. The compositional structure is interesting, also the interpretation is very clean with a lot of beautiful colors. Well done!

Austria, Vienna

Peaceful song


I love your way of playing twelve strings guitar . Your sound is so good too . Your song is very peaceful and beautiful with nice harmonies and good chords progression. I love this atmosphere .....

France, Evreux

Dance with the girl from the stars


Under my point of view, Mr. Adrian Bran with this "Dance with the girl from the stars" gets a really deep perception of multiple sensations and feelings on a song that maybe seems easy listening. But if you get involved and leave your soul on his mood you'll fund a sophistcated world of emotions. And he never leaves the mood of it. It's wonderful for me when you live this kind of situations. And all on a simple song and at the same time full of things. Believe me, it's not easy to found this kind of songs. For me it's just a perfect rounded work musically speaking. Seems he has into him a great insight. A great and joyfully experience for me.

Argentina, Buenos Aires

Musical instant


This music is so nice. Just guitar to be nice. every emotions, positives thinks. i love this track. cause it's beautifull. Cette musique est vraiment belle. La guitare à elle seule, nous emporte. De belles pensées nous impreignes. J'adore

France, Le mans

Buena musica

Siempre me ha encantado la musica celta. Comparto esta musica en mis redew sociales para ayudar a dar a conocer y promover esta musica que llega al alma. De este modo ademas nos ayudatos todos.

Spain, Alhama De Granada

Dance With The Girl From The Stars


Hesitant in it's beauty. Complex in it's chords, yet touches the heart. Casts the eyes heavenward. A wishful expression for beauty to blossom in bold action. A beautiful rendition of A Heart soaring with the Soul in tow. Resonates the starlight and the moonlight. High notes touch the heart-strings. Tied to the light of the beauteous one. ...wishing I was her....this Girl from the stars. Captures the Spirit to fly higher than ever before and just be who we were made to Be. Pure Light in motion of notes being noteworthy of a new language of Adoration. I loved the message of this music.

Love is the air


It seems you were really in loved of that girl. the softly and sweet played guitar maybe shows me that. As if you were afraid even to touch her, not to break her, thats nice , it seems a pure love, peaceful love and song. yes good guitar execution. clear and soft, romantic and nice. The whole sound is good and balanced. There are not agressive ups and downs at all. And sweet taste sensation.

Dancing cheek to cheek


Adrian Bran brings us Dance with the Girl from the Stars, a love ballad in 12 string form. It appears to be an instrumental and solo piece which is rather risky, even for instrumental songs. From a listener's standpoint there isn't much say about this piece. From a producer's perspective there seems to be an energy that was captured. That says a lot despite the lack of instrumentation in the piece. Be proud of that.

United States, Texas, Houston



Dance with the girl from Adrian Bran is a charming instrumental track. It exudes grace and tranquillity but also possesses a dynamic and energy. The guitar is beautifully performed.

United Kingdom, Derby

Very Relaxing


Nice piece you’ve put together here, the guitar is phenomenal and I would have like to listen to this with some lyrics. The melody is very relaxing and enjoyable. Truly sounds like a song one might dedicate to another. I must have heard it six times while writing this review and I am not disappointed. I congratulate you and wish you the best. Keep up the good work.

United States, New York, Queens

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