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A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step never giving up”. He is now on his way to evolving into the next great musical Legend to emerge from the corridors of Jamaica. Great job. keep it up.


I think it is a good song but need a little work like the riddem n the voice it need a little mix but strong massage n good lyrics so u can do homework n get it better that's my honest truth up

Review: Add Track: "Just Another Day at the Job"

Add Track (Winston Peart from JA) offers up a reggae dancehall-flavored covering a familiar lyrical topic: getting psyched-up to go to work. Delivered within a classic JA dancehall deadpan vocal technique, soaking wet with chilly reverb with clanging, echoing robotic electro-dub treatments spooned in for good measure, "Just Another Day" again asks the eternal question of "How many Mondays can there BE in a reggae man's life?"


In some ways, music is a lot like literature. It can be pleasing, enlightening, even life-changing. A great song,like a great book, affects the listener in unanticipated ways and resonates long after the music has ceased. And, if done well, both music and literature have a rhythm and tone unique to their authors; you wouldn't confuse a passage from a Charles Dickens novel with one fromaHarry Potterbook, nor would you mistake a verse from "A Hard Day's Night" for one from a Lady Gaga song.But how do you describe your favorite song? How do you put its melody into words or explain the beauty of its chords? How do you begin to describe the emotions that it provokes in you?As the maxim goes, "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture." In other words, despite the similarities between literature and music, conveying sound through text is a challenge,even for the most talented of writers.


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Feeling the energy

The music speaks for itself Ras.I enjoy the rhythm by itself so when u combine with awesome lyrics.,that's how you get a winner. Good vibes,and looking forward to see you one top for a long time


just need to get a good mix bring up the vocals with EQ cause i can not hear the vocals or the lyrics clear enough mainly because the beat is over powering the vocals and make sure to have a good projection when recording a song make sure you have good clarity so everyone can hear your lyrics clear enough but a plus and effort i myself as an artise is perfect i must say but getting feed back from people is always good respect keep doing the works bless.

another day on the job review

i give credit for the original track with a strange metal fx vocal. originality is crucial indeed. this is great art, but by other standards the mix needs help. Vocal is too loud, drums are not slamming especially the kick drum. the song could actually do without that vocal effect altogether as it muddles the lyrics and the effect of the flow of the vocals. i think it's a great song concept but needs clean vocals, and it could use another section or hook where it changes somehow. i like the lines and the music though but it's very buried i think behind the loud vocal. though it's experiemental the particular vocal effect does not really help the song. snr sound is cool but it gets quiet right when singing starts due to what sounds like overall over saturation on the master fader and some chain is doing someting strange to the entire mix so it's mis-compressed or something. a chord change and different section would really help. very arty though.

The song is very good I like it party song

Iam listening to you all day today and i am enjoying my self you have a beautiful voice I want to hear more of your song i love it party harn more of this peek me dancing all day today and nice

no premeditated thaught went in to the lyrical process

Aww boy this song it notninteresting tje mix is pòor the quality is very bad and the the clarity of the artist is poor as well this is not radio quality. The production material that sound like a quick recording that is done out off impulse no premeditatrd thaught went in to the lyrical process

King Tubby it aint

"It's Reggae Jim but not as we know it" as Dr McCoy in Star Trek might have said. At least one parent of Just Another Day on the Job is dance music, the programmed electronic percussion features analogue hand claps and a snare from the same source. The electronic bass line has loads going on in the low frequencies whilst on top the voice is heavily treated with a vicious flange of some kind. The production is actually minimal which it has to be to allow space for the voice which has elements of toasting to this listener. Strangely the whole thing reminds me of a dance reggae hybrid of Sign of the Times. I like it but one track like this is enough.
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