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ACIDENTE ROCK BAND turns 43 years with 198 recorded songs. In the 1st decade a lot of live shows. After that only studio and now a halt, for no one else buys CDs nor even hear them. They prefer volatiles bases, but we don't think so. We want to continue letting our work in perenial medias.

ACIDENTE ROCK BAND chega a 43 anos e 198 faixas gravadas. Na 1ª década muito show ao vivo. Depois só estúdio e agora um impasse, pois ninguém mais compra e nem ao menos ouve CD. Estão preferindo suportes voláteis, mas não estamos nessa. Queremos continuar deixando nossa obra em midias duráveis.

Our regards firstly go to those who recorded with AÇA: Zeca Pereira, Guto Rolim, Alvaro, Piska, Marcelo, both Fernandos who passed away, Capitão, Helinho, Luiz Seta, Rogério, Kiki, Simone, Élida, Bruno Mega, Mario Costa, Jarbas Lopes, Ary Menezes, Renato Borges, Gilmario, Ringo, Rodrigo, Kelce, Fabiana. Raul Branco. Those who helped to improve our music, by composing, recording and mixing: Toninho Barbosa, Paulinho Padilha, Paulinho Costa, Paula Delfino, a iinha! To our friends on the all medias and in the internet. And the trio who kept the flame alive on the last 5 CDs since 2012: the dreamer - Helio Jenné, the producer - Paulo Malária. and the Maestro of all sounds, Zunga Ezzaet.

It is sad to say goodbye. And after all, it may not be the end. Thus, lets hope speak through our hearts: So long, friends!


Welcome to the gate to a parallel universe of rock, an incredible factory of would-be hits that never reached the big media. We are ACIDENTE, "the band that nobody knows but everyone already heard about it". Sometimes you may think that our whole story or part of it could only be a hoax, but believe: it's all true, spanning more than 3 decades and over 190 recorded tracks.

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