Forget (Pro. Producer Vibes)


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IncrediblecC review


This is easily a banger. Hot Lyrics and all out club banger. The instrumental is fire, the lyrics sound well wrote thought out when though I'm a freestyle artist I can respect writers. I encourage you to keep going and pushing that hot music as the world needs more bangers such as this one. The goal is ahead. Many blessing to you my brother and I'll be looking out for your music to release new and old I'll add you to my collections. Strong flow I'm literally blown away. You just don't hear music with that qualify very often so I can appreciate it when I come across a hot song sick as this one is. Fire in the booth.

United States, Tennessee, Memphis

Hot track

Nice I think this song is really nice. The whole song is well put together. The audio and production quality sounds awesome. You really did your thing on this track. I can definitely see your career going very far if you can continue to make this type of music. I love the fact that you show passion in your song and that speaks in volumes to the listeners. Keep up the hard work! You definitely have what it takes to go to the top. Good luck.

United States, Texas, Dallas

Trill talk no gimmicks


???????????????????? I definitely can relate, love the beat , the intro , mos definitely how you rode da mf beat, classic trill lyfe shh, definitely a song I could listen to on the daily, or after an all nighter headed back home when you just zoned out riding, mediating on alot shyt

United States, Alabama, Mobile

What up


Hey I think you are doing amazing. I would like to hear some beat if you have any to listen to ...or more songs to play. Keep doing what you doing and don't let no one stop you. Be different and stay on your own path.

United States, North Carolina, Charlotte


Straight rap...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

United States, California, San Bernardino



Ace Mirrorman drops a Michigan banger with the track "Forget." Dope lyrics. Producer Vibes brings a nice beat with some good drops and a chill melody. Stay in the fast lane don't slow down for a sec.

United States, Illinois, Chicago

Piano and keys are always cool


Pianos and keys are always cool. What can we remember if we forget. In another note, if we forget stuff what regret would we have because we can’t remember the mistakes we made. I think it would be cool but people will make you remember what we done. We just have to not be worried, stay strong and don’t cry because it to much guilt in tears. But as far as the music goes I think you did an excellent job. I think the doubles on the hooks at the beginning was a little messed up but the verses came in smooth and the beat was great. I gave you a 4.0

United States, Ohio, cincinnati

This Is Dope


I love this song, it touches home. Always remember to forgive but never forget. Stay true to yourself and let your haters be your motivation. You are a dope artist keep doing what you do, and follow your heart., Your dream is your reality and never give up even when the times get rough. God gives his toughest battles to his favorite soldiers. Keep Grinding!!

United States, Colorado, Colorado Springs



This is good with a nice voice, I really like the dialect as well. Could be a little more synced with the dubs. Otherwise the content hold a good quality as well as the flow. The song overall is well produced and good mixed but I would have to say that it needs a couple of more recording sessions until it truly sticks with the lyrical delivery. No doubt that you will gain a large fan base. Keep doing you /Peace

Sweden, Malmoe



Mirrorman we apologize about the late review, but we still here dropping you one off. This song sounds like a Kodak black lol GOOD SHIT keep doing your thing homie. You have a great sound.

United States, Texas, Dallas

Keep Pushing


Keep going keep going keep going. I hear the passion in your voice it sounds awesome. This song made me think about some things In my life that I have experienced so I really enjoyed it. Keep persevering and proving to people that the passion from your music is real and authentic. Best of luck to you in the future and I hope that you can look back on this one day and see just how far you have come

United States, Arizona, Scottsdale

Nice joint


I like this joint. The beat is banging. The lyrics are sharp and precise. Good mix and the nice groove and vibe. Can see this on the radio and in the car on the way to the club or to work to start the day.

United States, Florida, Orlando

Great Song


Im feelin this one i like the style of it... Dope ass lyrics an you just being your self i dig the beat as well its clear i can hear what you saying in the song keep up the good work this right here is a good one

United States, Arizona, Tucson

Forget review


Dope production right out of the gate on the lyrics. The hook is catchy and complex. It's not one of these new school simple repetitive hooks. I'm personally an old school hip hop and RnB fan. So I ain't into the new era of music. You though, coming with some straight real shit. Lyrics are on point and flow well to the beat. All around really dope track. Reminds me a bit of old school Lil Boosie✔????

United States, Oregon, Salem

Solid song!


Yo im sure you have heard this before, but you got that RAP voice that comes clean on the mic, your delivery is dope man! Beat is on point. Good work homie you got a dope song right here, keep it up!

United States, Colorado, Denver

I'm reading the signs


the hook completes this song and I love this. man your project is hott the two songs I've listened to are excellent. I play them over and over so I can feel what you are saying. complete songs are everything, you really don't have too many. you either have a nice hook with the beat or good lyrics, you have the trifecta.

United States, Missouri, Kansas City



dope great Great work, dope sound, Keep working no matter what's going on you might become a greatest artist ever. Making music is not easy but if you have faith and hope that you gonna do it, you will do it. Talent like yours need be heard by the world so keep working, Keep walking, your dreams will come true. I wanna see you on billboard some day and on tv. DON'T EVER STOP DOING MUSIC Bless up Hope

South Africa, East London

This hot!!


This dong is definitely hot!! This guy is surely spitting some ryhmes here!! Rides the beat so well. Great job brother, great job! Love to his song.. You really put in some work on this song! Continue on your journey to success! One love.

Jamaica, Kingston

Good shit


After all the songs I've heard I feel this is the best one yet. Sounds clean, solid lyrics, and the song flows. I'm sure you have gotten a lot of good reviews with this one. Keep going. I think you got it

United States, Wyoming, Cheyenne



Your flow is dope, word play is dope and you have a great tone to your voice. The beat is also dope and it fits your sound, I love the message and that's the most important Thing, you are rapping about some.

United States, Tennessee, Memphis

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