Heavy ft. Tat King Rail


Song Reviews

Love it


Your song is awesome. I really enjoyed it. It sound so professional. Kinda have a T.I. feel. I was listening and thinking is this an artist just getting started or a veteran? Would love to collaborate. For real. Keep it up you may just be the next big thing

United States, Arkansas, Little Rock



Man solid track excellent track production solid deliveries and steady cadence keep writing and I'm feeling the way u delivered ur last verse which was solid had me in tuned the whole track I really feel this track it has a lot of substance to it and it's really gone bang on the west coast with ur style bro keep up the grind

United States, California, lake elsinore

Fire Banger!


Fire beat, flow, and lyrics...everything was 100% spot on point Im definitely feeling this joint right here!...this is definitely a huge hit for the clubs...best wishes to you keep up the great work!

United States, Maryland, Baltimore



Beat on point... Flow kills..... never went off beat... Ft went hard also. Lyrics dope I can see me bumping this in the hood... This reminds me of the old 3 6 mafia... All in all .. Love the song... Let's hear more 3z

United States, Montana, Polson



Definitely a banger I recommend this to anybody...you need to put this out as a si gle..flow on point hook decent..I heard that Dtlk in ya..bro nice joint hope this jiint peek...keep grundn and stay focused

United States, Illinois, Chicago

Spittin facts

Keep makin music yall spittin every thing yall spittin is facts its good I can listen to local artist who make sense and sound better than half of these rapper on the radio keep workin hard yall really gon make it

United States, Virginia, Virginia Beach

This is tight


This is my type of music right here the energy is off the meter. It sounds like you was enjoying yourself while being serious at the same time. Who ever mixed it down for you did a stand up job. Another thing I noticed was that the beat wrapped around the vocals real nice. If I was you ill go to the radio with this one or head to the nearest dj and see if he'll spin that joint for you.

United States, Missouri, Homestown

Beezo judgment


This song beat structure is very melodic. The artist sound very Atlanta influence. Very nice flow and breakdowns are awesome. I think this artist is very talented. This pure hardcore rap and I think it's special. This song is a nice collaboration and I think these guys have a very bright future. This artist is nice and has a good sound. The mix is pretty clean and drops are good .

United States, Florida, Orlando

Heavy Review by Marcelino


I pushed play on this expecting to hear the same thing I do over every trap beat, but instead was pleasantly surprised. The Hook had an authentic Hood Anthem feel to it. The verses by both artist were original and fit the beat perfectly. The homie ACE Mirrorman went in on this one with a gritty take on everyday thuggin and what its like for so many in the streets. Production was tight. The Beat Banged. Overall good music to get hype to and great to play while your getting into something HEAVY!

United States, Michigan, Flint

B-Lo Report


I honestly think this ah cool song. The hook jam, the beat hard and you and you can actually rap. Keep grinding I definitely will be turning my people on to this song. I'm posting it on my page now

United States, Georgia, Atlanta



If I had to pick a stand-out tracks to recommend to anyone who may not know any Ace Mirriorman songs it would be "Heavy" because it's a catchy. Another good rapper this guy right here and he's doing his thang. I like the way these tell rap bars yell an actual story that is relate-able and entertaining for those that can't relate. Production is well done and the mix and mastering also sound really great. Keep up the great work.

United States, Florida, Orlando



After listening to the homie Ace Mirrorman's song Heavy I must say that its a great track that I personally rated at a 4.5. Its got great lyrics, a nice flow, and good beat...or as we call it over here in Missouri..its heat! I support you bro keep pushing.

United States, Missouri, Columbia

Outstanding, this got 'tude, its deep. word UP!


I dig on this, it has a cinematic feeling, has emotion and energy to it. The vocal are recorded crisp and clean, the music is well put together, mixed right, nice job. I'd hype the bass a bit, add 3db below 200 hz. I'd also put the main vocal thru a stereo chorus effect so it pops out of the speaker more, I like to hear vocals travel around the space. this could be part of a film soundtrack, great work! keep on keepin on!

United States, Florida, miami

Excellent bro excellent


Great job homie, you did an excellent job, this is solid as can be, keep up the great work, I support the realness of this, honestly, one of best I've heard in awhile, I like artists with their own style, some people can't be their own.

United States, California, Redding

Took a Trip on This One..


This is a fye one! I like the flow you hit this with, real versatile on that first verse! Aggressive and gritty, you have that Onyx gryme-type flow, and I rocks with that HEAVY! The hook is alright, could've been harder to match both of your verses. Your feature was alright too. He had some moments but its clear whose song this is. I'm rocking with this though! Much love from the 334 to the 313, be easy man. -Ty

United States, Alabama, Dothan

Different voice, steady flow


You got clear vocals which is first and foremost. Dope beat, not too many effects good clean mixing and dynamics. The track overall is well structured and original. Reminds me of Jeezy, which is hard to do and not a bad thing by far.

United States, Oregon, Portland

Nice Artistry

Nice!!!! heavy is a great title for the song good lyrics and a bang and eat sometimes features don't work but on this 18 did you guys did a great job stay motivated and you'll make it

United States, Texas, Chilton

Heavy Review


I like the production on this song, it compliments the hook. One thing that grabs your attention is the raspy vocals giving it that underground/street feel which is missing nowadays.

United States, Virginia, Richmond



Thanks for sharing your track and looking for some feedback. Crazy lyrics and nicely done. The beat is different and a banger. Keep up the hard work and the hustle going.

United States, Pennsylvania, Levittown

I hear you


This joint reminds me of a 3-6 mafia I like it!!! And it was a good feature I feel like both artist was in the lane and was comfortable. Keep up the hustle till you reach the top

United States, Ohio, Cleveland

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