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Happy Day's By Wannislas

Well here we again what a great upbeat tune that sure does live up to its name very excellent job and even without any vocals this tune still gets your attention. I give this song 4.5 stars and would like to tell the writers of this is a great piece of work also that I am open for any collaboration if you are up for it lol ok I am done thanks for making awesome music.

United States, Illinois, Chicago

Very nice and funky...

Nice subtle jazzy feel, set in a different way with electronic feel of a harmonic, guitar on air like funky disco track. Grows on you this one. It mixes perfectly with my 120bpm song and lyrical accas! Very DJ friendly. Thank you for this creation.

United Kingdom, Glastonbury

Loads of nice things here

The groove on this is right in my wheelhouse and takes me back to Fresh by K & The Gang. Great job. Love the base tone, very Jamiroquai, and locks in nice with the drums: the key to every great funk song. Perhaps your bass gets too busy in parts and leaves the listener behind; you don't want that. When horns are featured on a funk track, they need to bring something serious to the groove: Not sure that's happening here; you may want to revisit your horns. Groups who did it well ... Brass Construction, Rolls Royce, Atlantic Star, Incognito, Light Of The World. Great track. All the best with it.

United Kingdom, London

Abstinet dazzle music profuctions Happy Days {Horns Remix}

Abstinet dazzle music profuctions Happy Days {Horns Remix} by Wannislas OK so this is possibly song to get the party started the club has finnally filled up and It's time to turn things up a notch. Yes you can hear the horns just fine on this remix. Although the song is instrumental "Abstinet dazzle music profuctions Happy Days {Horns Remix}" accomplishes what they set out to do. This is a song for a DJ to play right before KC & The SUNSHINE BAND Shake, Shake, Shake

United Kingdom, London

bien aime

"Happy Day's (Horns Remix)" by Wannislas, released by Abstinent Dazzle Music Productions, delivers a captivating fusion of melodies. The remix intricately weaves horn sections with rhythmic beats, creating an infectious groove. The production quality shines through, showcasing the skill and creativity of the artists involved. This track is a testament to the vibrant music scene in Belgium and promises to uplift listeners with its energetic vibe.

Morocco, AGADIR

Happy Day's (Horns Remix) by Wannislas 03:02 Funk Pop

Great Instrumental great piece of work nice this AWESOME .this instrumental song has a really good.and ....................................the song was put together is very unique.......................................just love the way the sounds they were like instruments were spot on ................. perfectly........................can't say enough about this instrumental song......................................I want to thank you for letting me review your amazing song thank you.................... This is steve from voodoo dancer and thankyou..................................

United States, New York, Middle village

Great Song

The mix is just a little muddy. Want a little more resolution and grit in a lot of the instruments. Reverb addition to some instruments could add more air/space to make the song sound bigger and more enveloping. The mix could also use more bass/overall low end. I would recommend increasing volume slightly of bass in mix, playing around with distortion and compression modules, and in the master bringing up the overall lowend. Similarly the very upper high end could be brought up to include more of the harmonics introduced by distortion etc. to come through and make each instrument more powerful. Also would like a little more punch out of the kick and more bite from the snare. Message if I can provide any help mixing or mastering. Great song. Love it.

Canada, Ontario, Toronto

Funky Soundscape

"Happy Day's (Horns Remix)" seems to be a vibrant track that stands out with its clear mix and funky soundscape. The producer has done a commendable job in creating a mix that allows each element to breathe and maintain its distinct space. The instrumental layering contributes to the overall groove, making it an enjoyable listen. However, it appears that there's room for improvement in the balancing of solo instruments. The trumpet and synthesizer, when taking the lead for solos, seem to retreat into the background rather than commanding the attention they deserve. This could potentially be addressed by adjusting the levels or EQ settings to bring these instruments to the forefront during their solo moments, ensuring they cut through the mix more effectively. Overall, "Happy Day's (Horns Remix)" delivers a good auditory experience with its good instrumental quality and funky vibe.

Austria, Vienna

bel ritmo che parte bene

bel ritmo che parte bene i fiati sono veramente belli e danno tanto al pezzo anche i cobtrocanti syanno bene e il tutto si ascolta volentieri frutto dell'nventiva dei musicisti e piu' va avanti e piu' prende valore questo pezzo ben messo insieme e molto gradevole da ascoltare e anche da ballare tutto rbtra ben studiato e con bei effetti e swi va con un bel ritmo veramente bravi

Italy, dalmine bg

Nice Funky 70's Instrumental

Always typing when listening. Daft Punk/Nile Rogers feel...70's feel trumpets. A little more hi-fi quality would have been nice. Funky, far better musician's than myself. Nice drive, good lyrics....that would add identity to an excellent production. Some "Air" synthesizers....,maybe I would be more of the Boney M/Frank Farian strings in this case.....

Netherlands, Weert

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