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Thanks for all your support but I’m not gonna be making anymore music there is way better artist out there then me! And I cannot continue to waste my time and money suffering from dumb anguish thinking I can get somewhere in a world full of God Kings and Goddess Queens when I’AM just a servant of mankind and all humanity please try to understand and forgive me for failing it clearly is impossible to do anything here on earth that is unless your RICH well I’m not so I’m finished I quit be blessed I love you all!!! I will be closing all my social media pages I will keep this up outta respect for those who really like my work that’s all Gods an Goddesses !!!!!!!please be better then me!!

I'm an unsigned artist, some of my pages are listed below.



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Pac (Artist), Pac (Album)

Tupac Yisrael, known by his rapper name as “Pac”,
is one of the most talented and progressive rap artists in the game. With his
constant flow, steady beats, and powerful delivery, it is easy to see why his
self-titled album is such a hit! His meaningful lyrics, beats that are well
executed and carefully selected, and his no-nonsense approach to his rap
skill, Pac takes his craft very seriously, and it shows. His style
representing to qualities of street rap, Pac knows how to capture the streets
and deliver his messages to a broad audience. If you enjoy music from DMX and
2Pac Shakur, then you are sure to enjoy the rhymes of Pac.

#2: The beat at the beginning is hands down one
of the strongest parts of the track. The background beats have a way of
leading the artist to a passionate execution of his lyrics. His flow and
delivery are cool, calm, and collected. Excellent beats bring the track to and

#4: Sampling the beat from Nicki Minaj’s
“Your Love”, Pac turns a women’s rap song into a track all his own. One of the
only songs about love on this album, we see a different, more sensitive and
admiring Pac on this track. Great song.

#5: Intense beats make this one of the most
“hard” and electrifying tracks of the album. With a raw delivery of the
lyrics, we see a complete rotation in the persona of Pac. He is a talented
rapper, with many hats. Aggressive delivery of the lyrics show how strong
Pac’s passion for rap is.

Reviewed by Andrea Flores of Bryan Farrish Radio

June Caldwell, Radio Promotion Consultant,

Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion
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