Volcano and The New Radio Standard
United States, Michigan, Detroit

About Volcano and The New Radio Standard

Has an album ever slapped you in the face and you asked for another slap? Well you will.
Volcano and The New Radio Standard has brought you they're second album The Bloom Street Journal.
This is a follow up to they're previous album Graffiti Symphony which released in 2015. An
Alternative Rap Band from the city of Detroit has become the hard hitting force to take the music
industry by storm.

The Bloom Street Journal takes you to the essence of the street where lead vocalist Volcano
grew up, honed his craft and also began the creation of this album. Still paying homage to a street
where he made his exodus from this rugged but smooth album was designed to grab your attention and
entertain. With the singles like I Do It and Thats My Shit you get a clear picture of the evolution of
Volcano as well as The New Radio Standard. Blending hard nose to the point lyrics with a huge
production sound and live instrumentation that make you feel like your right in the room with the band
as they stop out note after note.

Volcano alone is no slouch to the music scene. Begining as a member of The Natural Disasters,
then moving on to a solo career while simultaneously being apart of the band Cody Stagefright, and
also building and managing other artist under his label I-ENT Records. He has released 2 albums The
Resume and 90 days as Volcano, 2 EP's Champagne Taste on a Kool Aid Wallet and Pink Iguana with
Cody Stagefright, and currently releasing the 2nd Album as Volcano and The New Radio Standard.
Othere accolades include 2 Detroit Music Awards for Outstanding Hip Hop Emcee, and Outstanding
Rap Producer. The New Radio Standard is a collection of musicians that have migrated from either
previous bands or out of the depths of stagnation just waiting on the time to strike.

In closing. If you take Rage Against the machines attitude, with a Outkast creative mentality and
Scarface like lyrical game spitting vocal then you have Volcano and The New Radio Standard. The
Bloom Street journal is not meant to be an album. Its meant to be Thee Album. This band is meant to
live up to its name, raise the bar and be Thee Standard.

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