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House Party

This track is nice. Nice nice intro and mellow hip hop beat in the background. Vocals, lyrics and transition is on point. Vocals and lyrics remained in sync and on tempo throughout the beat. Nothing negative to add. Good work!

Nice Vibe

This song has potential. I would definitely record it over with improvements on sound quality. But the vibe is there. The melody is there and it's actually real catchy. Needs to be sung over with a stacked vocal. I can even hear maybe doing a female verse with a female singing the chorus as well. Now what I found to really stand out that messed the song up is the extra singing ad libs through the entire song. In the beginning, don't do so much. Just let the music play and then start your first verse. The music is good but let it "breathe" a little bit. They melody of the singing is good. But again, don't do so much ad libbing. Especially when you're singing your verse. Let the words be heard. The melody doesn't need the extra help. You made it sound like you were whining after hearing so much of it. The rap verses were ok. It had a few "corny" lines in there though. But if you were shooting for a "fun" delivery, I guess that helps. But like I said, it's a song with potential. Re-record it and hold back on doing so many singing ad libs (especially during the verses). Make sure you get a good final mix. I suggest getting another review after you make the improvements. Good luck and keep pushin'.

Lucid flowing words

Impressive track with electronical generated textures and persistant beat. The arrangement characterizes modulated sound effects in style of hip-hop and electro pop music. Varied space with easy mood melodies in the backing forcing the song on a higher level. This extra factor brings increasing feel into the tune. Unique vocals mixed with cool rap and great lyrics from the heart. The message of the chorus touching the soul. Overall perfect mixed and mastered song could be a radio hit. I´m sure you will like to add him. Let others know your recommendation.

Cool vibes

Cool vibe needs a little mix but rap cool production is cool story line on point beat fire keep doing what you doing till you reach the top and make they body drop keep the the good work giong


A real smooth laid back track. This has a good vibe. This is some ridin out type shit. It needs a mix to clean it up to get the track and the vocals not over each other. Also throw some extra tracks over the singing to get that full sound. Other than that I fucks with it.

House Party Review

Cool song. The vocals sound like they could be mixed down a little bit more. I’m listening on my tablet right now, but if I was playing this song in my ride I feel like the vocals would drown out the track. So maybe re visit that. Good job tho fam keep at it.


The song sound good i rate it five stars i think everything is perfect and the hook is dope those flows on the verses are perfect plus the beat is dope. The song is amazing with clear message

Funeral House Party

Sound is good. The vocals sound a little lame. So this must be a very sad party. What I want to say is that I expect something more wild, something danceable, something electronic or disco, when I read about "House Party". Change the title, change the lyrics and try again. Not so bad, but the sound and vocal performance does not fit to the song title.

The rate

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Casa Fiesta

¡Muy tonto! Translation: Very dope!!! Beat sounds very professionally produced with the 808s changing keys to the melody I like that type of slap. Completes the track effortlessly and the harmony is dope with the cord progression. Definitely a club banger or on this case a house party jam to freak a b!tch to. Only thing I’d work on is the mixing of the vocals to blend with the instrumental a bit better. Less bass in your vocals make sure you have more treble than bass when you edit vocals that’s the first step to having clearer vocals for a track but other than that small bit of criticism this song is dope great work best of luck. PEACE -DONATELLO MUSIC

Party in the House

One of the things I enjoy most about Number One Music artists is the newfound ability to hear music from around the world by singers who I'd never have the chance to listen to otherwise. That, in itself, is a great thing. Here, with this song the beat and vibe is super chill - but, frankly, I've heard it about 100,000 times before. Vocally, the singer has a nice voice and I'd like to hear him sing a Babyface ballad.

I like

This what’s up I like this it’s feel good music It’s creative It’s what needed can always make room for a house party it takes you back to them house party happy days everybody clicked up rep in there hoods having real fun just growing up so full of life yea this one brings back memories I Feel Y’all should put Some more time into this one I Honestly feel this could be one of them ones STAY BLESS An Let’s keep our Culture Growing
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