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review by Osirus B

i need you final by CHANSONXX . united states Colorado Denver . indie alternative yes i like this music it has a rock feel to it .. with a mellow vibes the singer says .... you really cant compare my faith you know its a sin to do those things . this is me and my forehead after days .. she tell me everything will be ok . I NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU I NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU come and hear some jokes around here so me and you can break away its time to be free . times goes on by so slow i feeled stones . we fought in the south for you im waiting to appear to clinch my fist I NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU I NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU I NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU I NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU .. its a good song i like it

United Kingdom, Birmingham

the bass and guitar are not gelling together

I like the track but the bass and guitar are not gelling together at some points its the opening bars needs more work and a the bass line gets lost sometimes in the track the voice works well and the tempo is good John

United Kingdom, broxburn



United States, New York, Brooklyn

Grungy but not Grunge

I’m sure my title doesn’t make much sense to most but I’m not sure how to explain myself other than I like what I’m hearing. It’s got a Cage The Elephant type feel but yet a dirtier sound with a twist of some Smash Mouth. Totally digging it!

United States, Alabama, Decatur


good music..nirvna styley an nothin wrong with that. he needs to hear from his woman. we can all relate to that. the lyrics are good..and the sentiment behing the song...good guitarin and production. not just me can do without techlogy. give the dude a fone call will ya...cos by the sound of it there's plenty more where this came from if ye dont..and this is the dude tryn to be nice. call yer man.. woman..on the fone. the internet is balecks but this is good music. id say the next tune will be a good way.

Ireland, Dublin

Nice job

Definitely a interesting chord structure I like it Remind me of a little bit black crows,singing through song is good ,transition between bridge and verse/ Chorus could be a little smoother but overall great tune B+

United States Minor Outlying Islands, Olympia

I need you

Grest slide work wow this is awesome the song has a really nice melody Iove the vocals and the way its sung.............. tbis song you ama,ed ne again just love it..................the guitars, drums and. Both guitars were played perfectly...................can't say enough about this song ............I want to thank you for letting me review your amazing song thsnk you.................. This is steve from voodoo dancer and thank you again.....................

United States, New York, Middle village

"I need to hear from you"

The lyrics in this song have meaning, seems that it could be enhanced with more regarding why. The beginning should have some more ethereal notes that pull you into the feeling of the song. Clench my fists needs more explanation to hook a person into the rawness of the Melody. Very good potential, a song that I can imagine the audience participating in.I need to hear from you is a universal thought that most can latch onto. Seems that it could be put in a movie about a band of motorcyclists.A banner at your shows would be good right where you collect contacts:)

United States, New York, Pittsford

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