Al Pérez / El Arte de Sentir / La Serpiente se Arrastra


Listening to La Serpiente se Arrastra I am getting goosebumps, that guitar is fantastic, I often to listen to music from foreign countries and I am definitely adding this to my playlist.


Nice smooth intro. I like the flow. Interesting diving guitar. Sounds like it was done with a solid state. Vocals are interesting, but I cannot make out what's been sung. It has a Joe Satriani feel circa 1987. I guess this is more or less a instrumental?

Al Perez ...La Serpiente se Arrastra

A very interesting medley of guitar styles by the talented Al Perez you have to listen to this track several times to appreciate the use of guitar the 2 finger tapping he riffs and the cord progressions with the experimental flanging vocals .. take a frip with Al and see how many styles and effects you can spot each listen you find more to appreciate I would suggest that Al is a musicians Musician .. great work Una mezcla muy interesante de estilos de guitarra del talentoso Al Pérez, tienes que escuchar esta pista varias veces para apreciar el uso de la guitarra, tocar con los dos dedos, riffs y las progresiones de la cuerda con las voces experimentales. vea cuántos estilos y efectos puede ver cada escucha, encuentra más para apreciar. Sugeriría que Al sea músico, músico ... gran trabajo

tu canción!

Hola Al, espero que estés bien allá en Espana! Me gusta mucho esta canción, el nombre es muy llamativo e intrigante, me gusta mucho este tipo de garage rock o algo así que se le llama o? Esas guitarras están electrificantes y hacen una gran imagen estereofónica en la canción, la otra guitarra haciendo esa melodía en el centro es fantástica, esos coros con esos efectos de coros y distorsión son muy interesantes y pasan tremendo para una canción como esta, el bajo muy bueno en el Centro, despúes la canción rompe al nuevo beat y se crea una gran atmosfera y de nuevo esos coros, en fín, tremenda canción rockera, ese solo al final es tremendo, te felicito y te deseo lo mejor del mundo, muchos saludos desde Alemania, Alfredo de King Mambo

Un buen potencial, pero no bien construido

Una pieza musical llena de energía. Muchos rifs se parecen a las conocidas pistas de heavy metal. Tocas la guitarra muy bien. Pero no parece una sola pista, parecen una colección de muchas pistas unidas. Es una especie de muestra de solos de guitarra, todos juntos. Las ideas deberían estar mejor organizadas y construidas para tener más sentido. Ni siquiera tiene una conclusión real. Mi consejo es organizar ideas y dar un sentido más completo a lo que quieres decir. Tienes buen potencial.


I'm loving the sound of this song The mix could possibly do with some adjustment. But as a mastering engineer it's something I can nitpick over all day. The track itself is really good. I'd like to listen to more of your stuff. One of the parts of the track that really speaks to me is the epic verse. It really grooves. There's also some stella tonal pieces you've created that I'm finding really captures my attention. I'm interested to hear where this can go when you come to working on more tracks. Many thanks for sending me the request for the review I wish you the best.


Nice guitar lead, like the trance sound mix of Rock. A little bit of a classic 90's mix showing you've done your homework on your art. More artist should study the roots of their culture of art to be better at their own art. Keep up the good work and stay in the lab creating new material to stay fresh and on your toes. If you're ever looking for a hip hop collaboration hit me up I'm versatile. Peace!

sempre bravissimi

sempre bravissimi sempre bravissimi sempre bravissimi sempre bravissimi sempre bravissimi sempre bravissimi sempre bravissimi sempre bravissimi sempre bravissimi sempre bravissimi sempre bravissimi sempre bravissimi sempre bravissimi sempre bravissimi sempre bravissimi sempre bravissimi

Bop review

Alright folks here we go again checking out the latest song here, from the beginning the half time is cool capturing the rhythm section the song definitely has a billy idol, wordsmith touch to it.kool guitars happening I like the rhythm and lead tracks.nice back ground layers of keyboards going on in it. I really enjoyed the way the singer attacks with the vocals sets up really nice. Overall I liked this track very nice listening to this.

Te arrastrará...

Muy muy chula la canción "La serpiente se arrastra" de Al Pérez. Me ha sorprendido gratamente, es difícil encontrar musica original y nueva, gente con capacidad de dar un giro de tuerca a todo este manido embrollo musical. La canción tiene ritmo, fuerza y psicodelia, una estructura diferente y unas guitarras muy guapas, está cojonuda. Los instrumentos están bien ubicados y la producción aunque no es la mejor (se me antoja un poco débil, pero todo esto es subjetivo) me gusta bastante, el sonido de la caja es genial. Voy a por mas a tu perfil Al Pérez, me has llamado la atención. Suerte y continua así makina! 5 points.

The Magnificent "Al Perez"

Outstanding work, arrangements, performance. Very classy to say the least. I recommend a serious listen. Make your own assessment. I have listened to many Artists over the years Mr. Al Perez is epic. Respectfully. Bobby Martin

Rock n Roll

There is an electronic overlay in the introduction with blurry electronically enhanced vocals. The drum beat is hard and steady and the guitar playing is burning and full of the pyrotechnics of many traditional great rock star guitarists. A Jimi Hendrix tribute is in the mix and the ending is ritard fade. For hard core Rock fans this man is serious. Check him out

Across the pond

Melodic yet heavy instrumental. As a record producer, recording studio owner and musician who has played on 120 albums, I enjoyed the song, the production and the guitar playing. Melodic guitar fusion.
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