(A.N.$) INC. / "" TAKE MULA""


(A.N.$) INC. / "" TAKE MULA""

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United States, California, Oakland

Too short, but has potential

Okay...this song has a lot of potential. The artist's delivery isn't bad and the lyrics are about parallel. The beat is actually pretty hot, especially for fans of real street s***. BUT...I just couldn't find it in my soul to give it more stars than what I did for two reasons. One was the hook. While it is sort of passing, it's not catchy at all and therefore, one has to rely on the core of the song to keep them going. And not to sound disrespectful, but the hook was lazy. Problem number two: The sound quality needs a lot of work. Not so much the beat itself, but the vocals. No disrespect, but it sounds like it was recorded with a very low-end karaoke machine. To be taken seriously in this game, this is one of the absolute hell nahs. Good thing the beat was tagged all throughout the song, because that would've been a complete wrap no matter what the potential. But I decided to write this review, because this one could attract a few ears with a little fine tuning.

United States, Alaska, Rage City


This is a great result of great production partnered with some lyrics. The engineering on here was well executed as well. Sound like whoever recorded this did a great job as well. I was listening to this at a family get together and everyone agreed this is some good feeling music. You should really consider getting a website and getting music on some major platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, etc. I can help cause I am a graphic designer and can help market your music to a wide audience.    

United States, Florida, Orlando

Shoot Em!!

From the rip this jawn is tight. Too short!!! I was ready for him to go in. I need to hear more of the message. The title caught me and then the beat took me further. Have to say you dropped us off with nothing though. What's a risk without tweaks like this!! I can hear the talent from this snippet. Submit your music to me for real radio play. realitymusicco THE COMFORT LEVEL WITH JANNYSHMANNY theblock105 radio.

United States, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia


heat homie nice n smooth you got a video to this one if not u should shoot one homie mos def feeling this 1 fwm beats collabs etc lets work You on spotify etc if so send me link i follow you etc salute keep mashing respect Lets work homie respect

United States, Texas, HOUSTON


This is hype af! Great barz! Excellent choice of compositional strategy. Dope delivery of this lyrical content. Substance is nice. Mix could use some tightening measures. On point with the vibe tho! #DopE . #HipHop

United States, South Dakota, Rapid City

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