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a very clever and unique sounding track which I really really love is a very unique very different very creative well put together it is very clear I love everything about the track. I really appreciate you for sharing your gifts and talents with me in the world continue to stay creative continue to make great music can you just stay outside the box and don't be afraid to go to the next level even beyond the sky. I hope you have a wonderful day and may God bless you and all that you go to create and please please keep me posted on any new track that she may have I would love to listen and then purchase or download your music have a wonderful day peace


Thank you love I'm working on new tracks for my collaborations CD. Join me on Facebook Quinten qrock Swartz .numberonemusic./qrockSA .numberonemusic./qrock numberonemusic./quintenqrockswartz .numberonemusic./qrock7785boheganmusic Let's work on a collaborationto bring out a new songs

Creepy minimalist techno

Quebecois techno producer .exe has produced a creepy-sounding minimalist techno track entitled Laquer. The tune consists of repeating elements which are added onto. This track could find some use in soundtrack settings among others.


nice sound! perfect theme! I like the atmosphere and variety of the sounds used, sounds a bit like early rave from Rotterdam begin 90's, parkzicht style! 010! Euromasters If I can recall! good job! love the track!


Sounds pretty good in this day and age of computer generated music .Their dtyle is fairly original as well as a little more creativity of instrumentation would be helpful in establishing their individuality
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