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This bands music is so good you should definitely check them out I like your beats the vocals everything is so cool we definitely need to check it out rate cool little projects spreaded everybody


Thank you so much for sharing your song very creative there futuristic song techno type song I really like you need different music I thank you for allowing me to excuse me review your song and take a listen to it which I really like it that you're very clever and very different very unique continue to share your music and please send me a link to your meeting so I can download and buy some of your songs that I really like I hope you have a wonderful day and may God bless you and everything you go to

Oh boy this is fun to listen to~

I had a sense of curiosity about what the initial build in the first 4 measures would reveal as it gained mass and I was so caught off when the amazing main theme starts in. The compositions and deliveries I really search for and revel in are any that can take me for a musical journey for a minute with no care or concern about how I got there or where it's going. I was pleasantly entertained to find this was one of them. For only 5...? voices, the theme was well presented and toyed with appropriately by each of the main voices in smooth ways. The synth sequencer harmonized with the phased pad was my favorite touch. Thanks for the great tune!


A good beginning, rhythmic and melodic. The hi-hats are a good election for the base. There is a moment that the percussion sounds confused, but itś only a little bit. Maybe the melody sounds repetitive, an "increscendo" can be useful, but the final change arranges the monotony. The end is very good and resolutive

itá time to move

really cool stuff. i´m in the "raving socieity" since the early 90´s. in all this year s heard electronic dancesounds in almost every style and variations. this track for me is a mixctour from acid and psichedelic-trance. everyone who loves the 303-sounds knowas what i mean. both styles are really underground with order to dance. very far away from casual-music-listeners and commerce. this is for the people who feel-/love the music and the scene. keep the vibes alive!!! mad man viel

Kazablanka Review

This particular song is intense and creates a sense of urgency as in something needs to get away. Perhaps like a character in a video game. In this way I can see how it might be children's music but without lyrics and a melody it could be hard to market to parents who are the ones who purchase the music. I found that the song was quite long and made me feel agitated but then techno is not my usual choice of listening material. Perhaps Kazablanka is better suited to marketing to video games, soundtrack or house music opportunities. Peace and good luck in your musical adventures.

pleasure it

It's a modern. Built good sounds which have a nice background and ambients so we wait on next tracks. Nice hear it because this music track enclosure many sounds and genres. The summary, Your Techno can a pleasure it!
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